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Post by RebekahJP » Tue Dec 29, 2020 3:00 am

So I'm beginning to realize there is a lot of stuff on these pages that you don't use, stuff that is just there to confuse you, like ...
The three symbols at the top of the page that represent 245 and the down arrow. They have no bearing on the answer, correct? Even though they are also in the same order beside the QR code?!
And then there are so many steps to this solution.
1. Solve Suduko
2. Figure out how the letters and numbers in the suduko can interact with the key words at the bottom.
3. and then unscramble the letters you find that way!
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Post by DarkHorse » Mon Jan 11, 2021 9:31 pm

This was an intresting puzzle though the internal logic to find the soloution seems to be off, why was switching letters neccesery for one of the key words but not the other two?

Theres nothing other than a basic comprehension of English/spelling to lead you towards the intented soloution.

Here’s my solve process, perhaps i did something incorrectly though i noticed quite a few others also needed to switch letters around.
On the Sudoko we have x2 a, b and c on the grid, the numbers in these grid locations represent the letter of a word. The number tells you how far into the word the letter is.

For each key word, i would take the highest number on the grid relating to it, for example C has a 2 on the top portion of the grid so i placed that first then the lower C second. I followed this system for each key word.

This gave me:
A. 1 - 2
B. 3 - 2
C. 2 - 4

Which becomes:
A. W - E
B. V - A
C. E - R

Clearly this is intended to spell out Weaver but instead i got “wevaer”.
Again my own logic was able to sort this, though the logic of the riddle is inconsistent. It informs through the solve process that each number becomes a letter in an exact sequence, nothing within the riddle tells us to rearrange any letters.

My only conclusion is one of two possibilities.
1. The developers messed this particular part up
2. There’s more than one method of solving the grid

I would be interested in reading what others make of this.
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