Journal 29 Revelation : Some questions too hard.

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Journal 29 Revelation : Some questions too hard.

Post by RicardoRix » Mon Feb 01, 2021 11:27 am

Thanks for the books.

Just a quick note to give you some feedback of my experience.

There are 3 different problems in the book that I found too hard. Even after reading all the hints - the penny still doesn't drop:
Page 98: I had a glass water in-front of this page for 15 minutes - nothing. I got every one of my family to look, told the refraction was something to do with it and nothing. Of all the puzzles this was the most disappointing. The red-herring of 2 of the straws being made of overlapping 7's and 3's....

Page 100: The answer is not a common use word. In fact I inputted the text into an Anagram Solver as is, and only after it came back with the same text did it occur to me that this was a real word.
More over it's how you get these word segments, there is nothing intuitive here. There should be an additional clue, some picture which casts a shadow or some text like 'shadows of time' or something.

Page 97: The '4' is barely there. And there is a small hidden tear-drop underneath to make it more obscure. I tried the same thing with my family, after forcing everyone to tell me what they saw, most mentioned the 3, and also said 'maybe a 1', so came up with 13, but there is nothing to come out of the 4 shape. Even after saying, that's a 4, everyone said - no it isn't.

I spent roughly a week of my spare time to finish the book. A few were harder than others obviously, but the 3 above I believe I could have not completed these without the hints forum. I am talking about several hours of having all the clues essentially assembled and understood, multiple people studying the clues but we still can't get to the answer because of something being too obscure and/or non-intuitive.

Regardless, the books are amazing. I would buy another one too if it gets published.
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