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I thought that at first ... you need to convert the letters to numbers. So if 9=i ... use the hints ... I can't remember how I did it now, but if you really get stuck let me know.
Like... how is 9=i? Where did you get that? And how do the hints help transform letters into numbers? Oh and what letters? The agent IDs? I am so confused.
I have been stuck on this one for about a week I figured it out and everything with cheats but I still don’t understand how it got to that answer
There is NO translating numbers to letters in this puzzle. I have no idea why or how this came about. I just made a post about how I solved this puzzle, hope this is more helpful :D
ShayShay wrote: Sun Apr 04, 2021 6:01 am Here are some tips that helped us solve the puzzle. After you have "called" each number make sure to write out the correspondence for each.
Spoiler! >turn up audio to hear clues<
black means a number in the sequence is "good position" this overall means that one of the numbers in the sequence is used in the final answer AND is in the correct location. White means "bad position" overall meaning that there is a number in the sequence that is used in the final answer but NOT in the correct position. Meaning you'll need to deduce based on all the numbers and their "good position" / "bad position" clues.
even though 9 is included at the bottom, it's still considered as a "good position" in relation to the other phone number clues. Meaning each time black/good position is mentioned, the 9 is included.
If still struggling to determine which numbers are good, try working backwards from the last two agent's phone numbers.
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Post by Medicineman » Sat May 14, 2022 12:07 pm

On accessing the web link with my iPhone, the keypad display, almost immediately, shuts out entry of any numbers from 1-9. Only the bottom line of * 0 # is active. There is a very brief (0.2 seconds?) interval on reload where the numbers are active (showing as white) before they go dark. I was able to type one number during that brief period on reload before being shut out again.

Is this a fault of iphones or a problem with the site? A setting perhaps?
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