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by Pixiegir1
Thu Mar 25, 2021 5:25 pm
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Whiskey tango foxtrot. I type in the number and it is meowing my high. .... Am I the only one still wondering what "meowing my high" means? are not the only one :lol: Maybe was some keyboard autocorrect crazyness...but i like it! I can imagine it printed on a catlovers tshirt "Living the...
by Pixiegir1
Thu Mar 25, 2021 3:45 am
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Write the letters from Key 17 word in boxes at top Write the letters from Key 18 word in boxes at bottom A vertical line connects each top letter with bottom letter Try to work out how "17" written on 1st vertical line could connect the two letters, do same for "-14" on the last line Once you have w...