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Re: Page 51

Post by Sentla » Sat Feb 10, 2018 1:01 pm

For me it was difficult to see on my phone.

Open it in a browser on your PC and zoom in.
Put the journal against the screen.

And, the code is shorter as first appear.
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Re: Page 51

Post by Steelangel28 » Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:46 pm

Any advice on pattern matching here? I am unable to find a match for the book waveform. I've read that it's not to scale and not necessarily in order, and the not to scale part is what's killing me. I've resulted to trying to brute force a 4 digit answer... But that probably will take a while :(
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Re: Page 51

Post by Stueypops » Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:08 pm

Argh, I’m doing this book on holiday with only my phone (iPhone 7) and it won’t play the sounds! Anyone with similar issues? Any ideas which don’t involve using a PC?!
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Re: Page 51

Post by Arsinoi » Sat Feb 17, 2018 9:39 pm

Same problem here!
I know what to do but my iPhone doesn’t work properly!
Suggestion: I skipped to the next riddle!
It’s a very simple one and you can guess the solution (year) which is missing!
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Re: Page 51

Post by kmccan » Wed Feb 21, 2018 7:34 pm

I'm clueless on this, everyone keeps saying match up the sounds, I've done that still seeing nothing. Question does anyone know how to skip over one? I've done the whole book, a lot of challenging ones, this one is just way beyond my thinking.
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Re: Page 51

Post by IAmaOnePunchMan » Sat Feb 24, 2018 10:40 pm

I have zoomed in and listened very carefully. I have a number, "ab c d e" and it doesn't work no matter how I type it in, with or without spaces etc. Would it be possible to message/email any of you the number I have just to let me know if I have wrong number based off sound wave image? Thanks.
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Re: Page 51

Post by Tallis » Mon Apr 02, 2018 9:10 pm

This is a tough one and requires some tech assistance as well as a keen eye and ear. Below are graded hints leading to the final solution. It assumes you know {key.37} - if you don't then don't continue.
1) This riddle involves you listening to an audio clip with a visible waveform, then matching portions of the audio waveform with similar images on page 51 of the book. Ultimately, the answer is a 4 digit code.
2) Go to the webpage '' (not{key.37}). You should see a black page with a thin white audio waveform across the top, and underneath the waveform is a small button marked 'play'. If you don't see this, consider using a Chrome browser on a desk- or lap-top computer (not a phone or tablet).
3) Playing the audio clip will reveal a woman's voice saying the numbers '3 7 4 6 9 1 2 8 5'. You will see the white waveform turn red as it plays. This is essential to solving the puzzle, as you will need to identify the specific portion of the waveform that 'looks' like the number when it is spoken.
4) Play the clip enough times so that you can identify what each piece of the waveform looks like when you hear each number spoken. It plays fast, so you have to pay close attention. It may help to make sure your screen is in landscape orientation (if you're on a phone), and/or take a screenshot of the whole waveform and print it out so you can write numbers over the specific portions when you play it.
5) Now, go back to page 51 in the book. Turn the book in landscape orientation (so the spine is down an the edge of the page is up). Running along the middle of the page is a similar looking waveform that is much shorter than the audio clip you've been listening to. The page waveform only has 4 numbers represented in it (separated by a significant gap of blank space) as opposed to the 9 numbers in the online audio clip.
6) Look closely at the 'shape' of the first of the page waveforms. Compare its shape to the online waveform and find what number matches the shape. In this case, it is the number '2' on the online waveform. Continue for the other 3 page waveforms.
Completing the other sections reveals the final answer to be:
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Re: Page 51

Post by StudleyGamer » Mon May 07, 2018 9:39 pm

Problem getting it to play. I've tried on my phone and in Chrome on my laptop. Nothing happens when I click 'play'. I'm fairly confident that it worked for me a few weeks ago when I last picked up the book. Has anyone tried the page recently? Is it possible it's not working? Thanks.
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