General advice and tips for success

Journal 29 Hints & Tips [ Please don't spoil ]
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General advice and tips for success

Post by Tallis » Thu Apr 05, 2018 10:41 pm

This topic is to help players avoid some of the common pitfalls and traps that are the most frustrating while journeying through Journal29. Please add as you see fit!

1) Be wary when using a smartphone to submit your answers online. Most smartphones nowadays have auto spelling correction that will change the answer you enter into something else and therefore will mistakenly result in a 'wrong' or 'no' response from the online page. Even if the answer is a common word, auto speller will often add a space at the end of the word, which will result in a 'wrong' or 'no' response. If you're using a smartphone to submit your guesses, then be sure the word you type is the one actually being submitted.

2) Always make sure that you are submitting your answer to the right page number online. Many have been frustrated for days thinking they had the wrong answer for a page, when in reality they had the right answer but submitted it to the wrong numbered page online. The pages are easy to confuse (as they look virtually identical), but numbers are easy to access online, as they are simply (where xx is the number of the puzzle).

3) Some puzzles do require you to find/use a supplemental item of some sort to complete the puzzle. No spoilers here, but just keep an open mind to the idea that you will occasionally need to find some other common household object (other than a pen and scratch paper) to complete a puzzle.

4) A few puzzles do require some specialized outside information that you may not know already, or have been laid out in a format that is not culturally native for you. For example, some puzzles may be harder to solve if you live in a different country or culture than the United Kingdom (as the books creators seem to be familiar with/live there), or if English is not your native language. Google is your best friend here, and can supply you with trivia and information that you may not know (like how Beethoven had a direct impact on the digital media industry of the late 20th Century-- but that may be a spoiler).

5) Perhaps most importantly, don't be afraid to get help by showing the puzzles to friends/family. Having a second set of eyes with a different perspective may be all that it takes for you to grasp the crux of the puzzle and wrap it up. Several intelligent adults have posted that they were stuck for days on a puzzle only to have one of their pre-teen children take one look at it and get them on the right track with a single observation.
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