Page 6 ?

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Re: Page 6 ?

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help please
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Re: Page 6 ?

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L.E9128 wrote:
Sun Dec 29, 2019 5:40 am
Tallis wrote:
Wed Mar 14, 2018 11:03 pm
Below is a 4 step nudge/hint system to get to the final answer.
1) The number in the book is similar to, but slightly (and meaningfully) different from a mathematically famous number.
2) You only need to concentrate on the first 10 digits of the number (and its famous counterpart) after the period/decimal point to solve this riddle.

3) It is useful (essential really) to write out both numbers side by side so you may compare them.

4) The answer is a four-digit code, and the sequence of those four digits to make the code echoes the 'shape' the number sequence makes in the book.
And the final answer is below. DO NOT CLICK IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW THE ANSWER!!!
To come to think of it... I was sitting on this one for about 4 hours... And I finally got tired of numbers and looking at them and just trying every damn thing possible. And the hints weren't any better. They kept confusing me, even this one that you wrote... Once I saw the answer I was like "How...? How did you get those two weird numbers and connect it with the other two?" I didn't get it. Suddenly I write down the pi number, all ten digits, and then I look at that number then the first 10 digits of the circle, and I'm still not understanding the comparison.... Then suddenly, I write the numbers on top of the ones on the circle..... Bam..... Mind blown for 10 minutes, and then I feel like shit lmao that's when I understood what you were explaining lmao the point where I didn't understand was the main number to look for. I think that if you're good at math... You'd be really good with this one. Even tho I at some point thought "hmmm, that is a decimal number, could that be.... Pi? Nahhhh" and ruled it out. But my instinct was right, however when I finally had it I didn't know what exactly to compare it too
there are actually two correct answers. Once you get your four digits you can enter them in backwards or forwards. That was really confusing to me because people were saying the answer was something i most definitely didn’t get but I was still right! :D
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Re: Page 6 ?

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aldersmith wrote:
Mon Mar 27, 2017 6:13 pm
well if you know the number you'll notice some things don't belong...
Thank you! I knew it immediately but knew it wasn't right.
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Re: Page 6 ?

Post by Spartacus_Mills » Fri May 01, 2020 12:00 am

OK, I'm very confused.

I understand all of the following: (For people who actually know the answer already, actual answer contained in spoiler)
I understand the number is Pi
I understand it is incorrect
I understand that I need to compare the 2 numbers, Pi and the incorrect version of it
I understand from reading on here the correct answer is 2689, or possibly some other ordering of this number

What I do NOT understand is how you get 2689 (or any reordering of it) from comparing the given number to Pi

When I compare the 2, when I take one from the other, I get 0.00007199973. This number, or any version of it I've tried, is not accepted. How does one get from Pi and the number in the book to 2689? What must one do to the other to get this answer? Despite many people posting the answer, nobody has posted how you actually get the answer.

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