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Post by Gauntlet » Fri Oct 27, 2017 7:21 am

Have you examined the coordinates of the
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Post by Tallis » Sat Mar 24, 2018 7:24 pm

This is a great visual perception puzzle with no hooks or snags. Everything on the page is neccessary, and you only need what is on the page to solve the puzzle (no outside knowledge or other parts of the book). Below is a graded hint system leading to the solution.
1) The answer is ultimately a 6 letter word, formed using certain letters from the rows and columns of the grid. The 2 near-identical figures alert you to which letters you use.
A great 'old school' trick to figuring out the figures is:
2) Use 'stereoscopy' (a 3D visual technique from the early 20th Century) on them. Hold the book sideways and about 3 inches from your nose so the figures are left/right instead of up/down. Then deliberately cross your eyes to make the images blurry and 'double vision' looking. With your eyes still crossed, move the book slowly away from your nose until your crossed-eye vision begins to focus and recognize a third figure in between the original two (at about 6-8 inches or so). This third figure will then become clear and relatively easy to focus on as you brain combines the two crossed eye images into a third composite image. As you focus and see the third composite image clearly, you will notice several aberrations in it because the two book images aren't completely identical. The differences are quite apparent to your eyes because your brain can't process the visual discrepancies correctly.
3) There are 3 subtle differences between the two figures. They are subtle and not easily found, but still very discover-able. As you find them, note the particular grid-box (and the letters of the row/column) that the difference lies in on the bottom figure.
4) The 3 differences (from left to right) are in the grid-box row/column of: C/O, S/M, O/S
And the answer is:
5) the row/column letters form the word: COSMOS.
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Post by ZAK » Sun Nov 11, 2018 12:28 pm

(N) Find this..
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It's amazing how many times I find the answer without realizing that I have the answer in front of me :roll: :roll: :roll:
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