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Page 5

Post by Elad0211 » Sat Feb 17, 2018 1:58 pm

Im stuck of page 5 for a a day know and its getting less fun and more annoying by the second. I could really use some help. I tried the hints on the other post but they dont really help.
If somebody can help out that would mean a lot.
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Re: Page 5

Post by vicecn » Mon Feb 19, 2018 10:29 am

yeah was stuck on this one for a bit too, and i just looked at how everyone else is giving clues and it actually makes the puzzle harder than it is!

For this one, if you are thinking abstract, you are already thinking too hard. Think in a forward simple way.

1. Literally look at the arrow which points to 'e' and start there. What is the direction of the arrow? It is pointing down, so there you will go.

2. there aren't crazy math or swerving or going back and forth sort of thing for this one, LITERALLY follow the arrow straight down and then curve when there is a curve until the end. ie, just take your finger and trace a line from the 'e' until you hit the end 'e'.

3. as you go from letter to letter along this forward road starting from that 'e', pay attention to things you might be spelling out.

4. it is honestly super straight forward and easy, you just have to watch the path and look at it from a bigger perspective, which should give YOU the clue necessary to finish this puzzel
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