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Did you find an error on Journal 29?

Posted: Wed Jun 28, 2017 4:55 pm
by journal29

Did you find an error on Journal 29? Please post here to fix it in next versions.

Known errors:

-Page 42:
One date is wrong
-Page 12:
Ok let's count (missing the apostrophe)

Thank you

Re: Did you find an error on Journal 29?

Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2017 9:57 pm
by flaemisch
Page 41

Not going into detail without spoiler but there is one symbol too much...

WARNING: This spoiler reveals parts of the answer. Do not read unless you know the solution already!!!
...fourth row, fifth symbol. I know you need this one to form the number 5, but it's not part of the number 8. So you could either take another position for another number, or keep it, or anything like that.
It's just a really minor error to me, and doesn't make any problems while solving. It's just a cosmetic error in my opinion.

Re: Did you find an error on Journal 29?

Posted: Sun Jul 30, 2017 6:08 pm
by Syberdoor
Imo Page 41 is not a minor error at all. For me it was the most infuriating of all puzzles so far because of that error...
I don't even know what you mean with "need for number 5" because the code is 91682... So if I might suggest an improvement not only post an error it is already bad that the 8 is 4 columns wide which is completely non standard and differs from all the other digits. However then having this erroreous extra symbol makes it super bad. I don't even get how anybode can ever guess 8 there... To me the only intuitive solution for the 4th group is 61, 67 is already a stretch and 8 is just impossible... no one writes a 8 like that. And if you take into account that there are no hints that we are looking for digits not numbers this makes it even worse. If we would assume that small errors are allowed the first 9 could as well be a 5 for example.
Another not really error but suggestions... The symbol used in 23 is kinda very hard to identify (also maybe some additional graphics to help get the "theme" might not hurt here.
black and white board, some additional figures at the bottom,...

Re: Did you find an error on Journal 29?

Posted: Tue Aug 01, 2017 6:12 pm
by Syberdoor
I also found a strange "error" on one of the solution pages:
It seems to accept 225 as an answer although the page in the book clearly hints for two digits after the comma.

Re: Did you find an error on Journal 29?

Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2019 12:23 am
by Wormy
Most of my feedback has to do with font choice or constructive criticism, and I think some of these have already been stated.

the lower case "b" for o"b"sidian looks like a D, spelling odsidian.
Also, capital "I" looks way too much like a "j" Ion, not Jon.
Page 19
this was the most brain-busting puzzle for me, because if A = 1, and S = 19, and yet 19-1=17. I understand now it's counting the spaces in between 1 and 19, however I felt grumpy. The hint to "add them" also really threw me off, as I kept adding 1+19 and then my numbers were totally off the mark. If this were my puzzle I would put a hint about finding the "space between" or something to hint at counting the differences. Maybe this is just my personal preference.
Page 23
as stated by many others, the icon for the horse, and the idea that it is a chess board, is way too obtuse.
Page 24
as said before, that V doesn't look like a V. It needs to come to a point, not a line, at the bottom.
Page 38
"I must serach it" - search is misspelled
Page 43
the bolding on the numbers is barely, barely perceptible
Page 55
This was difficult because there was no rhyme or reason to why a word is connected with its number. Now I understand that it's the 2 numbers that follow, but still,
Fire = 72, however, why not 7299?
Inputing numbers
I used my iPhone's calculator to do the math. When I copied the answer, it copies the commas with the number, so my answer for page 55 was 209,808. However this is incorrect, the correct answer is 209808. I would suggest that numbers with commas be made acceptable.
Anyhow, I absolutely loved the book and I can't wait to start Revelation.
Thanks for making such a wonderful experience!!

Re: Did you find an error on Journal 29?

Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 11:14 pm
by InsanePanda
What I find interesting is that the only key that isn't used to solve other puzzles is key 56: mind. Is it just coincidence or is there more behind it?

Re: Did you find an error on Journal 29?

Posted: Thu Aug 22, 2019 6:50 pm
by DGiant
I was hugely frustrated by riddle 25, I did the correct calculation for pi x phi x2 to 3 decimal places and yet I was told my answer was wrong. Eventually I gave up and went onto the forums where I discovered that the answers were calculated by using the first 3 decimal places in the full pi and phi numbers. I am a math teacher and this is completely unacceptable in ANY calculation, either you use the full number, or round to 3DP you DO NOT use the first 3DP of the full number. I suppose you might want to avoid frustrating people who don't know how to round, but PLEASE allow the actual correct answer to be acceptable as well.

Just to clarify, this is the actual correct answer:

pi (3.142, the 4th DP is a 5, therefore the 1 is rounded up to a 2 Pi to 3DP is NOT 3.141) x phi (1.618) x 2 = 10.167512 or 10.168 rounded to 3DP NOT 10.164.